IMPORTANT: Information about COVID-19, please click here and read prior to your appointment.

COVID 19 Appointment Planning

by Anne Halbert and the team at Halbert Dermatology

In these challenging times, we aim to continue providing a Dermatology service whilst minimising the risk of corona virus spread. As much as possible, we want you to be able to have your consult from home. If you feel this is achievable:

  1. Ring the secretary on 93869073 and arrange a convenient time
  2. Email pictures relevant to the problem to These will be saved and stored in your medical record.
  3. At the appointment time ring the practice and you will then be put through to the doctor for the consultation.
  4. Prescriptions will be faxed to the pharmacy of your choice – please have the fax number available.


The government has introduced an item number for telephone/ Telehealth consultations, but at the moment it is for a very limited number of people. If this cannot be used, there will be a private charge of $65 for a patient seen in the previous 12 months and $135 for all others. Payment by phone will be required before being put through to the doctor. We are very aware of the tough economic circumstances being faced by many people, so have tried to keep the charges low but just enough to keep our practice running. Please note, no GP referral is required when there is no Medicare rebate.

Face to Face Consultations:

Whilst problems such as atopic eczema, psoriasis, haemangiomas and acne can be managed with pictures/email/phone calls, some issues will continue to need a face to face consultation. If you have a skin lesion of concern (eg bleeding, rapidly growing, painful or a changing mole), then a physical examination and possible biopsy will be required. If you have regular skin checks but do not feel you have anything of concern, please delay your appointment until later in the year.

If you are coming to the practice:

  • Only come if you are well
  • Do not bring unnecessary people with you
  • Ring the secretary when you arrive but only come to Suite 6 when texted to do so
  • Use the hand sanitiser on arrival
  • Don’t be offended if we don’t offer you a chair!

Laser patients:

We will delay laser treatments for adults until the pandemic passes as it requires very close physical contact between the doctor and patient. We will continue lasering babies/ young children with appropriate protective equipment.

We understand these changes are not ideal, but keeping our patients and also our staff safe is paramount. If you have any questions or are uncertain what to do next, please ring the practice.